• What is

    Have time to create an account? That's probably the quickest way to find out.

    Otherwise, think animal husbandry. It's a system of personalized farms on which little creatures are fed, bred, traded, bought, sold, and poked. The idea is to set up a population of creatures with a naturalistic ability to pass genetic code on to their offspring.

    Each creature's appearance is derived from its unique genetic code, so it's possible to control the way a creature looks and acts through selective breeding, whether it's with other creatures on your own farm, or with the creatures living on other user's farms.

  • I'm a new user, what should I do?

    Congratulations! You have your first farm and your first pet. To keep yourself busy, you may want to spend some of your 100 FarmBucks. Don't worry, you'll be able to earn more.

    The Food Crate is to feed your pets. Simply drag the food from the top of the crate and release it into the farm. Don't worry, this crate of food doesn't run out.

    The Bonsai Tree grows FarmBucks when your creatures are healthy and happy. Click on the leaves to "shake" it and harvest your bucks.

  • Does CreatureBreeder have rules?


    1. Love your creatures!

    2. Be respectful of other farmers and the CB staff. This means no swearing, harassment, or dishonesty.

    3. There is NO SCAMMING. You may not ask for anyone else's password, or advertise a daycare, nursery, hotel, or any service that takes creatures away from their homes.

    4. If you impersonate a member of the CB staff or a CB moderator, you will be immediately removed from the site.

    Helpful Tips:

    *Never, ever give out your password. CreatureBreeder will NEVER ask for your personal info. Don't give out your real name, address, school, phone number, etc.

    *If you feel like you've been harassed or mistreated by another farmer, you can either report them on the forum (the link is at the top of this page), or simply block the user in your Settings.

    *Farmers who break the rules will be given a warning by an official CB moderator. You'll know a moderator by the 'moderator' label on their farms. If you receive a warning from someone who is not a moderator, please report it on the forum.

    Note: If farmers continue breaking the rules after a first warning, it can result in a ban from the site -- and in some cases, farm deletion.

  • Who are the moderators?

    The moderators are:

    Please be respectful of the mods. Don't bother them unless you have a serious question or complaint.

  • What is's privacy policy?

    Our policy is to ask from our users only the information that is necessary for the site to function. You can read more at Privacy Policy

  • I'm younger than thirteen years, why can't I type comments on people's farms?

    It's for your own safety. In accordance with established internet law, does not allow young users to type free-form comments unless they have parental permission. These laws are meant to protect children from accidentally posting personal information.

    You don't need to post comments to enjoy! We've created a comment generator that allows you to create comments without typing text. Just choose a template from the drop-down, fill in all the blanks in the template, then click 'Post'.

    If you'd like to fill out a permission form, proceed to COPPA Form

    If you entered your birth-date incorrectly, you may fix it on the settings page.

  • What do I do if I've forgotten my password?

    First, check your email! If you created your farm after January of 2009, you should have received an email with your original username and password.

    Otherwise, if you've tried to login with an incorrect password, a 'forgot password' link will appear. Click this link, and then provide your username and email. If you've entered this information correctly, you should then receive an email with a new password.

  • How do I change my password?

    Click on the 'settings' link in the main menu. The Settings page has controls for easily changing your username and password.

  • How do I purchase a creature from another farmer?

    When you are visiting another user's farms, you can offer to buy any creatures that you like.

    Click on a creature you like and see if it has a price on the Creature Inspector panel. Remember, if there is no price already listed, there is a chance this user doesn't want to sell. If there is a listed price, use the look closer button to propose purchase for this creature. If a creature has a suggested price, you should offer that same amount, unless you feel like haggling ;).

  • How do I breed creatures?

    When first starting your farm you may wish to buy a new egg from the store and hope for a breeding pair. To breed within your farm, simply click on a creature and follow the "Look Closer" button from the creature inspector. Now use the "Breed" button to find the available options that are within your farm.

    We encourage users to breed outside their own farms in order to strengthen the community.

    To breed with another user's creatures, visit their farm and the creature you wish to breed with. Click on the creature, make sure he or she is of age and in good health, and click on the "Look Closer" button. Once in this section you will be able to make a breeding proposal by selecting the "Propose Breeding" option. If the user in question accepts your proposal, you will both have a new baby creature on the way with traits from each parent.

  • How long does it take an egg to hatch?

    About 30 hours, but it varies with the species. Cracks will appear a couple hours before the egg hatches.

  • How long before a creature is 'adult'?

    Something like 5 days. This varies with the health and species of the creature.

  • How long before a creature is 'old-age'?

    Again, this depends a lot on how you've treated your creature, but it should be in the ballpark of 20 days.

  • Why are my creatures sickly looking?

    Have you been feeding them? You can buy a food barrel from the store, and then drag the food from the barrel into your farm. Perhaps your creature has recently bred with another? After breeding, a creature will undergo a period of weakness, which will usually last about 24 hours. These effects, as with all health effects, will be factored into the creature's overall health.

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