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What is Creature Breeder?

Have time to create an account? That’s probably the quickest way to find out.

Otherwise, think animal husbandry. It’s a system of personalized farms on which little creatures are fed, bred, traded, bought, sold, and poked. The idea is to set up a population of creatures with a naturalistic ability to pass genetic code on to their offspring.

Each creature’s appearance is derived from its unique genetic code, so it’s possible to control the way a creature looks and acts through selective breeding, whether it’s with other creatures on your own farm, or with the creatures living on other user’s farms.

I’m a new user, what should I do?

Complete the start tutorial! Eleanor the “Tutoria-Dillo” will help you with the basic features of Creature Breeder.

The Food Crate is a source to feed your pets. Simply drag the food from the top of the crate and release it into the farm. Don’t worry, this crate of food doesn’t run out.

The Bonsai Tree grows Farm Bucks when your creatures are healthy and happy. Click on the leaves to “shake” it and harvest your bucks. You may only have 1 Bonsai Tree per farm, and adding extra Bonsai Trees won’t increase your Farm Buck harvest.

Does Creature Breeder have rules?


1. Love your creatures!

2. Be respectful of other farmers and the CB staff. No swearing, harassment, or dishonesty. This includes activities during role playing; CB isn’t a good place to RP, but there are NO plans to ban RP.
Warnable RP offenses include anything that is illegal, in the US, in real life: violence included. Any sexual activity can result in immediate termination.

3. There is NO SCAMMING. You may not ask for anyone else’s password, or advertise a daycare, nursery, hotel, or any service that takes creatures away from their homes. Check the scams page for the up to date list of scams.

4. If you impersonate a member of the CB staff or a CB moderator, you will be immediately removed from the site.

Helpful Tips:

  • Never, ever give out your password. Creature Breeder will NEVER ask for your personal information. Don’t give out your real name, address, school, phone number, etc. Users who are caught asking for this information will receive an official warning.
  • If you feel like you’ve been harassed or mistreated by another farmer, you can either report them to a moderator, or simply block the user in your Settings.
  • Farmers who break the rules will be given a warning by an official CB moderator. You’ll know a moderator by the “moderator” label on their farms. If you receive a warning from someone who is not a moderator, please report it.
  • Read on to learn about official Creature Breeder Contest rules.

Note: If farmers continue breaking the rules after a first warning, it can result in a ban from the site — and in some cases, farm deletion.

Who are the moderators?

The moderators are:

Please be respectful of the moderator. Don’t bother them unless you have a complaint, or a question you cannot find the answer to. Finding the answer would involve checking the FAQ and site rules.

What is Creature Breeder’s privacy policy?

Our policy is to ask from our users only the information that is necessary for the site to function. You can read more at Privacy Policy

I’m younger than thirteen years, why can’t I type comments on people’s farms?

It’s for your own safety. In accordance with established internet law, does not allow young users to type free-form comments unless they have parental permission. These laws are meant to protect children from accidentally posting personal information.

You don’t need to post comments to enjoy Creature Breeder! We’ve created a comment generator that allows you to create comments without typing text. Just choose a template from the drop-down, fill in all the blanks in the template, then click “Post”.

You may obtain parental permission in the sign-up process by supplying your parent or guardian’s email address, and having them activate your account. If you typed in your parent’s email address during sign-up ask them to look for the email from Creature Breeder and click the link to activate your account.

Remember to never give out personal information online!

What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password?

First, check your email! If you created your farm after January of 2009, you should have received an email with your original username and password.

Otherwise, if you’ve tried to login with an incorrect password, a forgot password link will appear. Click this link, and then provide your username and email. If you’ve entered this information correctly, you should then receive an email with a new password.

How do I change my password?

Click on the settings link in the main menu. The Settings page has controls for easily changing your username and password.

How do I purchase a creature from another farmer?

When you are visiting another user’s farm click the creature you are interested in to view it in the Farm Inspector Panel. If they are trying to sell it there will be an active Purchase button where you can initiate a proposal to buy the creature.

You may also initiate a trade by clicking the Trade icon, above the farm, and specifying what creature you would like, and how much you are willing to pay.

Make sure you read the Welcome Text on a farm before making purchase proposals, some users don’t accept proposals. Asking before proposing is usually a safe bet!

How do I breed creatures?

To breed within your farm, simply click on a creature and examine it in the Farm Inspector. Now use the “Breed” button to find the available options that are within your farms.

We encourage users to breed outside their own farms in order to strengthen the community.

To breed with another user’s creatures, visit their farm and the creature you wish to breed with. Click on the creature, make sure he or she is of age and in good health, and click on the Breed button in the Farm Inspector. You may also choose one of your creatures, click Breed, and the available mates from your Favorites will be listed as candidates to breed with.

Who gets the egg if I propose a breeding with another farmer?

You both get an egg!

How long does it take an egg to hatch?

About 30 hours, but it varies with the species. Cracks will appear a couple hours before the egg hatches.

Is in-breeding bad for your creatures?

No. Creatures can breed freely with any relative. Inbreeding is used for obtaining similar traits in the offspring. While inbreeding in real life can have undesirable results, that is not the case in a game like Creature Breeder. One must remember that this is a game, not real life.

How long before a creature is “adult”?

It takes exactly five days for the creature to grow into an adult from the time it hatches from its egg.

How long before a creature is “old-age”?

Around 20 days.

My creature just turned Old Age, why can’t it breed?

Only creatures in the Mature stage of their life can breed. A creature is Mature after 5 days and as long as 20 days. You can revive an old age creature by using the Fleeting Youth Potion from the store. This will bring the creature back to the Mature stage again, but it is not permanent.

Will my creature at one point die?

No, your creature will never die. But if you don’t feed the creature it will become ill.

What is the maximum number of creatures in a farm?

The maximum you can have is 10 per farm. You can have 20 farms per account, so all in all, that makes 200 pets per account.

Why are my creatures sickly looking?

Have you been feeding them? You can buy a food barrel from the store, and then drag the food from the barrel into your farm. You may also purchase a Berry Tree or Melon Patch to keep your pets fed for up to 20 days.

Perhaps your creature has recently bred with another? After breeding, a creature will undergo a period of Recovery, which will usually last about 30 minutes. These effects, as with all health effects, will be factored into the creature’s overall health.

Why can’t I put more than one of a certain item on my farm?

Some items are exclusive. For example: the Berry Tree and Melon patch (you can only have one berry tree or melon patch per farm), Ultra Sound Machine, Cryo-Pod, Money tree (you can only have either a Maple tree or a Bonsai tree), Food Barrel/Food Crate/Vegetable Crate, and Water Bucket.

What do I do when my Berry tree or Melon patch reaches 0%?

Sell the used Berry Tree or Melon Patch for half of its original value then buy a new one from the store to replace it. These items keep your pets healthy for roughly 20 days. Don’t buy more than you need because they lose value whether they are in a farm or not.

Is it possible to block someone from commenting on my farms?

Yes. Click Settings, the gear icon in the menu above your farm. On that page you can block a specific person by entering in their username or you can block all users from commenting your farms.

Is it possible to block everyone from commenting on a specific farm?

Yes, to do this you must click on the Manage Farms and click the Settings link next to the farm you’d like to turn comments off of. Un-check the box that says, “Allow comments”.

How do I add a farm to my Favorites?

Click the star ★ icon on the menu above their farm.

What is the Wild and how do I access it?

The Wild serves many functions. One of them is to serve as a place where you can release your creatures. This can be helpful if your farm gets full. Releasing them into the wild is not heartless; try to imagine releasing your creatures to a paradise for them to live out their years.

The Wild is also a place where you can go with your creature to gain Farm Bucks. These are coins that you may walk over to obtain. You may also be lucky enough to grab a rare accessory that the store does not stock. To pick them up just walk over them and they will go to Manage Farms in your Unused Accessories.

You can access The Wild by clicking one of your pets, navigating to the Farm Inspector, and clicking Visit the Wild. Use your keyboards arrow keys to move your creature (click once in the flash movie to give it focus if the arrow keys don’t work).

How many accounts can you have?

There is currently no maximum number of accounts on Creature Breeder.

What is the Ultrasound Machine and how do I use it?

The Ultrasound Machine is a device that will tell you if your egg is a boy or girl. To use it, drag the egg to touch the machine. Then if you wait a few seconds, a heart will show up on the machine. A pink heart is a girl, a blue heart is a boy.

What is a Cryo-Pod and how do I use it?

A Cryo-Pod is a device that freezes your eggs. To use it you drag the egg that you want to freeze to the middle of the machine. The window will then reload and the egg will be inside of the machine. Click the red button to withdraw the egg. Please note you can only freeze three eggs per Cryo-Pod and you can only have one Cryo-Pod per farm. You can, however, keep as many Cryo-Pods (full or empty) in your unused accessories that you want.

What is the different with a Red Maple Tree and a Bonsai Tree?

Nothing, they both produce the same amount of money for you.

How do I become a Creature Breeder moderator?

CB moderators are selected from active trusted farmers. Do not ask to become a mod, we will ask you.

How do you get more Farm Bucks?

You may harvest them from the Bonsai Tree in your farm, sell creatures to other players, or visit the Wild to find items that you may sell to the store. There is also a Bonsai Tree in the Wild that you should harvest daily.

Can you send Farm Bucks to other users?

Yes! Go to that user’s farm, and click the Trade icon from the menu above their farm. Insert Farm Bucks into the trade, and click accept. You must wait for that user to accept the trade as well.

How do I delete my farm or my account?

To delete your farm you need to go onto your manage farm page. There you will find, next to the farm name, a link labelled “settings.” When it is pressed option to delete your farm will be revealed.
Users, however, can not delete there entire account. If you want your entire account deleted you need to write “Please Delete” in the welcome message of your first farm: to verify that you are the account holder. Then, you must ask a game moderator to delete your account. Be warned: once your account is deleted, it can never be brought back. You must be absolutely sure you want your account to be destroyed before asking a moderator. Mod’s are not responsible for remorse due to a deleted account.
Also, keep in mind if you received a warning on the account you want deleted, it WILL be carried onto any new accounts you make.

Are we able to edit or delete our creatures diary entries in any way?

You will not be able to edit or delete them.


Contest Stages
A contest goes through several stages in its cycle. The stage to which the contest is in will be indicated next to each contest. The amount of time a contest is in a specific stage will vary from one contest to the next. The following are the stages and what they mean:

  • Upcoming contests
    These are future contests that are not open yet. The amount of time before a contest opens for entries will be noted by the contest (e.g. “Opens in 9 hours.”)
  • Accepting Entries
    The contest is accepting entries. To enter, go to the contest, read the rules, and click the “Enter this Contest!” button. Please note that there is a maximum number of entries you can submit. After you have hit that cap, you will not be able to submit any more in that specific contest.
  • Open for Voting
    The contest is open for voting. You can vote for a specific entry by clicking the plus sign under the entry. Please note that you will not see the option to vote under your own entry. Additionally, you only have 5 votes total. Changing accounts does not change this. You may not enter a contest after voting has already started.
  • Recently Finished Contests/Ended
    Entries and voting is over for these contests. This simply shows the results of the contests that are over.

How do I enter an image of my farm?:
To add an image of your farm to your contest entry, you’ll need to hold down your SHIFT button while you push the ‘print screen’ key. This takes a photo of your screen. Now open your computer’s paint program and ‘paste’ the image, then save, remember what file name you gave your file. Now go to and enter the saved file name or click browse to find it again on your computer, then enter it. Click to ‘upload’ your image. Click to view your uploaded image, and copy the DIRECT LINK url( you’ll be give a choice of four links, only the direct link one works for this). Now come back to your contest entry and add the direct link url to your entry.

Contest Rules:

1. No Cheating of ANY kind. Cheating may result in your entry being disqualified and a warning given to your account. Cheating includes, though is not limited to; spamming/asking for votes, asking for votes in your farms’ welcome message and contacting others in an effort to call attention to your farm even if you don’t specifically ask for votes. Entering designs you did not create, buying votes, vote count manipulation, etc will also cause you to be disqualified.
Vote count manipulation is defined as voting for yourself on additional accounts, or having your friends vote for you on their side accounts.

2. If you have won a prize, or trophy, for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place, in an official Creature Breeder contest you may not enter the next contest after the one you’ve won a prize in.

3. If you’ve won 1st prize the farm designs, specific design, artwork can not be entered in any other contests. Let’s give others a chance to win.

4. Additionally, you may not enter the same farm design/pet/pet design in more than one contest at the same time

5. Be sure you read and follow the contest descriptions and rules. Entries that do not match the contest descriptions and/or violate the rules will be disqualifies without refund.

6. No image enhancement is allowed, including color touch ups or written messages asking for votes. People that try to sell their vote will also get a warning.

How do you put things that are in the unused accessory box into your farm?

Click and drag the item to your farm. If you have several of one type of item and you wish to move all of the items at once, drag the number after the item. For instance, if you have 10 pine trees, it will look like: “Pine Tree(10)”. Drag the “(10)” to move them all. If you only wish to move one pine tree, click and drag the name.

Can two different species of creatures breed together, such as a TurtleTot and a FuzCub?

No. It is impossible to breed between species.

What exactly is a sub-breed?

A sub-breed is a creature bred by a user that has a distinct appearance, down to every last detail. Please note that there must be at least 20 generations of creatures that look exactly alike and it must be approved by the sub-breed staff in order to classify it as a sub breed.

I just hatched an unusual looking pet, is it a sub-breed?

Sub-breeds are a SPECIFIC breed of pet with a complete family history of pets that all match and share the same characteristics. No random pet, no matter how rare, is part of a sub-breed.

Is there sub-breed list with images?

You can access “sub-breeds” from the main menu.

How do you make the creative character symbols found on certain farms?

Character map; it’s a Windows program. You should be able to find it under Start Menu > Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map.
You may press ALT + NUMPAD 1-9 and release both keys to type various symbols. Googling “HTML symbol codes” will also give you a list of symbols that you can copy and paste where you want.

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