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Creature Breeder is a free, online breeding game where you can breed unique virtual pets, play with your friends, and design amazing farms!

What's New at Creature Breeder

Dear Breeders,

Aemon here. I’m so, so pleased to see the site up and running! I want to give a huge thanks to Josh for all his hard work in resurrecting Creature Breeder. It was no small feat to make everything work without Flash! In the upcoming months Josh will be the primary admin for the site, but Choo Choo and I will be dropping in now and then as well.


Posted 17 hours ago

Welcome back, Farmers!

Your creatures have surely missed you and we’re excited to see you back.

You can now get back to breeding the cutest creatures or designing an amazing farm.

Need help? Check out the FAQ or join our Discord server.

Want to help support Creature Breeder? Consider joining our Patreon.

Happy breeding,

Posted 1 day 4 hours ago

Dear Breeders,

We love this site, and we love working on it.

At a personal level, I love working on an original, creative project with my brother. Unfortunately this site is expensive to maintain. We now have a community of thousands of breeders and the server bills keep going up and up as we evolve the site and add new functionality. That’s without even mentioning the time we spend, which is difficult when you also have a full time job…

Today, Creature Breeder is not a profitable project for us. I am afraid that if it doesn’t become profitable, we will some day have to stop working on it. Sooo, long story short, I want to ask you guys: would you be willing to pay for Creature Breeder? Please help us by filling out this short survey.


..and Happy breeding,

Posted 9 years 10 months ago

Hello Breeders,

I wanted to share a couple new things we are working on…

We have a new creature coming soon! I’ll save the details about it’s name and features for when it comes out :)

We are also doing some exciting updates to the Sub-Breed section of the site! We feel that Sub-Breeds are the essence of Creature Breeder, and we want to support them as much as possible. We’ll have more details on this soon.

I hope you are all having a great month!

Happy Spring,

Posted 9 years 11 months ago

Dearest Designers,

Spring is nearly upon us. With it comes the Second Annual Spring Design Contest!

To honor the winners a new trophy has been added:

Good luck and happy Spring!

Warm Wishes,

Posted 9 years 11 months ago

Dear farmers,

It appears the latest update has caused some problems with logging in and/or purchasing items from the store. If you’re having troubles, please clear your cookies for and see if that doesn’t resolve the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!

How to clear cookies


Posted 10 years ago

Dearest Breeders,

Introducing EV, a new currency on Creature Breeder:

EV—known colloquially as “Evi”—represents vital energy, or life-force. Inviting new people to Creature Breeder enhances your EV score and enlivens the community. Click the “Earn More” link, next to your FBs to invite your friends, or to hand out a referral link.

In exchange, you may spend your EV on accessories that influence the life of your creatures, such as Growth Salve:

We want to share the Creature Breeder experience and we need your help to do it!

Warm Wishes,

Posted 10 years ago

Dearest Designers,

Our congratulations to the winners of the New Accessories Design Contest!

Royal’s Bambi takes first prize:

Brumbles’s Koi. comes in second!
TrisIsOnFire’s Mockingjay and *S*H*I*N*E*’s path in third place!

Honorable mentions go to:

Scarlet Village2’s Gangnam
MissyMooKittyKoo’s BatMan
MissyMooKittyKoo’s Loki
.Matt.’s Brian

Fantastic job everyone!

Warm Wishes,

Posted 10 years ago

Dear Breeders,

The New Accessories Design Contest is almost over, go vote for your favorite!

These contestants are really showing amazing creativity and precision, and a few made us laugh :) Let’s show our support to the industrious designers on Creature Breeder.

Warm Wishes,
Choochoo and Aemon

Posted 10 years ago

Dear Breeders,

53 PinniPups have been found in the Wild!

Availability of eggs has been steadily decreasing. As of today we believe that the Wild population of PinniPups will need time to recuperate, and therefore we are no longer allowing PinniPup eggs to brought back to farms. For the foreseeable future we will need to breed our own PinniPups. Soon we will see a population boom, and PinniPup’s will be released back into the Wild, stabilizing the population once again.

In other news, industrious breeders have erected a bonfire at the entrance to the Wild. It’s a lovely place to get warm before going on a search. Also, check out the store for the new Beach Ball toy! It is quite fun to bounce around.

Warm Wishes,
Choochoo and Aemon

Posted 10 years ago
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