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What is a Sub-Breed?

Sub breeds are varieties of creatures specifically bred to create a uniform line. This is a line, with a minimum of 25 generations of creatures, that look identical to each other. Sub Breeds must also be distinctly different than and unrelated to other established Sub Breeds.

You can think of sub breeds like dog breeds. While they are all dogs, like FuzCubs are all FuzCubs, they have individual breeds which look very different from each other. FuzCubs, as well as all the other species, can also be bred to carry specific characteristics. is built on real-life genetics which allow for us to manipulate their appearance in any way we wish by utilizing the genetic combinations that have been given to us. Making a Sub Breed takes a lot of work, patience, and dedication. Understanding of actual genetics and basic inheritance helps greatly, but is not completely necessary.

Sub-Breed Rules is the go-to place to learn more about Sub-Breeds and includes information on how to create your own.

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