Official Sub-Breed Rules

1) All Sub-Breeds must look distinct from pre-existing sub-breeds.

2) All Sub-Breeds must have a minimum of 25 generations of perfect specimens at the time of submission.

3) Creating a sub-breed is hard work that takes a lot of time. Sub-Breeds should not look like they could have been store-bought creatures. Take your time, and breed something unique!

4) Your submission must not be related to any other existing sub-breed, generation breed, or established line in any way. Additionally, any deleted history (N/A) in the line will automatically result in a denial. When you start working on your sub-hope, it is your responsibility to check every creature in the line thoroughly to ensure that they have neither a history of other breeds nor deleted family history. Due to this, it is often best (though not required) to start with store-bought creatures.

5) If anyone tries to pass off a breed as their own creation when there is proof that someone else created the breed, said person will never be allowed to submit to the sub-breed list again.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the store bought creature I used to start my line with was used by another breeder to create their own line?

Store bought creatures are never considered part of an established line because they have unknown family history. This is not against the sub-breed rules but you may wish to avoid it.

What about my beta creatures, they have a N/A family history!

Exceptions will be made for beta creatures; they have a special diary entry setting them apart from other creatures with deleted family history.

I got these cool creatures from another breeder, can I use them to create a sub-breed?

It depends. If there are more than a couple gens of similar creatures, they may be an established line. Be sure to check a creature’s entire line all the way to store bought before using it in your sub-hope!

Do you ever make exceptions to the sub-breed rules? I have a sub-hope I was working on before 2021, but some history is deleted now.

We have on a case-by-case basis made exceptions for PonyaPans and PinniPups when the line ends at creatures born from deleted Wild parents. This is obvious based on the ages of the creatures (01-02/2014). This exception has only been extended to those who have begun the generation stage prior to 2024.

My sub-hope was rejected, what do I do now?

If your breed was related to another breed, contained deleted family history, or was not originally created by you, feel free to label it a generation breed! If there were mistakes or ill creatures in the 25 gens, you may resubmit once the requirements are met. If your breed was too similar to an existing sub-breed, feel free to revamp its appearance and submit again after 25 new generations!

How do I breed “25 generations”? What does that mean?

Once you have an identical male and female, you have gen 1! To get gen 2, you’ll breed your pair together until you have a pair of offspring identical to the parents, then breed those together! Continue in this way until you reach gen 25.
h4. What are the generation breed rules?

There are no rules for generation breeds as they are unofficial. Any line can become a generation breed if it breeds mostly true.

I bought this breed from someone, and they say it’s a sub. Why isn’t it on the SBL?

They may have mistaken a generation breed for a sub-breed. All official sub-breeds are listed on the SBL.

Why do we now have to breed 25 generations?

Many breeders have still had non-identical creatures after the 20th generation and up to the 25th generation. In order to prevent sub-breeds from being accepted before they breed true, the generation requirement was increased.

I have a question not answered here

Reach out to the Sub-Breed Team! They will answer any additional questions you may have.

Terms & Definitions

  • SBL: Sub-Breed List, lists all officially accepted subs.
  • Sub-Hope: A breed, line, or project the creator is hoping to eventually submit to the SBL
  • Generation Breed: A breed or line that does not meet the sub-breed standards but still breeds true or mostly true.
  • Established Line: A line of creatures that have at least one unique trait in common for at least 5 generations. They do not have to breed true.
  • To breed true: A phrase referring to a breed which, when two breed together, will always have only offspring identical to the parents.
  • Generation: Each level of parents in a creature’s family tree. The most recent generation is the creature, then its parents, then its grandparents.
  • Line: All the creatures in a creature’s family tree.

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